The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

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Romeo and Casper, two perfect balls of white fluff, have become an inseparable, if unusual, duo. Casper the Samoyed’s smiling countenance is delightfully countered by the grouchy visage of his unlikely bestie, Romeo, a flat-faced Himalayan Persian, a juxtaposition that has catapulted the duo to internet stardom. more
How to Tame a Fox

How To Tame a Fox—and Build a Dog

Category: Dog Life
Suppose you wanted to build the perfect dog from scratch. What would be the key ingredients in the recipe? Loyalty and smarts would be musts. Cute would be as well, perhaps with gentle eyes, and a curly, bushy tail that wags in joy just in anticipation of your appearance. And you might toss in a mutt-like mottled fur that seems to scream out "I may not be beautiful, but you know that I love you and I need you."  more
Road to Westminster

The Road to Westminster a Tale of Two Dog Handlers

Category: Dog Training
For first-time Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show handler Barbara Fleischmann, there are a million unknowns about stepping into the ring at Madison Square Garden. But there’s one thing she knows for certain: What she will be wearing.  more

A Lush Lawn That is Safe For Kids and Pets!

Category: Health
A lush, green lawn is undeniably inviting, particularly for children and pets. This makes it of upmost importance to ensure your lawn care regime is safe for your whole family. more

Land of the Strays

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Volunteer José Rojas shares a quiet moment with his beloved dog Franco, who suffers from narcolepsy, as rain clouds begin to roll in during the late morning. Photo by Dan Giannopoulos more


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