Melissa Ferreira thumbnail

Art Attack - Melissa Ferreira

For artist and art educator Melissa Ferreira, a self-professed wan¬derer, creativity comes in many forms. She’s a seeker of new expressions who is led first...more
Dyanna Bruno thumbnail

Art Attack - Dyanna Bruno

“Lively, reverent, and emotive” just begins to describe the dog portraits of Texas-based artist Dyanna Bruno. Through Pop Art tenets and bold colours, Bruno...more
Paul Boddum thumbnail

Art Attack - Paul Boddum

Toronto artist Paul Boddum credits an assertive friend for dragging him to a local pet show and forever changing the course of his career, eventually launching...more
Heather LaHaise thumbnail

Art Attack - Heather LaHaise

Artist Heather LaHaise’s resonant work pairs realistic portraiture with modern, minimalist backgrounds to create a genre all her own. And this is exactly what...more
Elaine Brewer-White thumbnail

Art Attack - Elaine Brewer-White

It’s no surprise that sculptor Elaine Brewer-White is inspired by “colour, joy, and being in the moment”—her work embodies those three elements and each piece...more
Andrew Pinkham thumbnail

Art Attack - Andrew Pinkham

In a word, Andrew Pinkham’s work is trippy. It’s posi¬tively immobilizing, evoking questions like: Is this real, a painting or a photo? What the heck am I...more
JT Yost thumbnail

Art Attack - JT Yost

For as long as Brooklyn, New York artist JT Yost can remem¬ber, he’s been interested in animals and drawing. An incredibly diverse artist, his work ranges from...more
Diana Betteridge thumbnail

Art Attack - Diana Betteridge

Artist Diana Betteridge has always felt a strong connection to the canine spirit. “Dogs have a very human quality,” she says. “By being ever-present, they...more
Frédéric Richard thumbnail

Art Attack - Frédéric Richard

Frédéric Richard’s love of animals definitely shows in his luxurious French pet furniture line. An avid pet lover and antique collector, Richard drew from his...more

Art Attack - Jenny Belin

Though Brooklyn-based artist Jenny Belin has been painting portraits of dogs and cats professionally for 15 years, her love affair with her chosen subject...more


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