Painterly Pets

Painterly Pets

Custom pet portrait services for anyone passionate about pets! more
free lines

Free In The Lines Renders Your Pet In Gorgeous Watercolour

Houses need art in order to become homes and watercolor pet portraits are an unexpected way to embellish your space. Free In The Lines’s watercolor pet...more
Animal blueprint

Animal Blueprint Custom Dog Breed Wall Art

Our homes are filled with cute pictures of our favourite furry friends so why not add a beautiful art piece by Animal Blueprint Company! These vintage-inspired...more

3 Portraits of the Same Dog--Which Do You Like Best?

We tasked three pet portrait artists with capturing the same dog. more

Must-See: Modern Dog Staff Pug Gets A Custom Portrait Done!

Natalie Zimmerman captures unique likeness of your beloved pet more
Eldoop Custom Cookie Jars

Eldoop Custom Cookie Jars

We love custom made things and if they feature our dogs, well, that makes them irresistible. Eldoop Design's unique and fun, handmade, one-of-a-kind custom...more
dawghead by Jennie Griffith

Art Attack - Jennie Griffith

With a Vintage/Modern aesthetic, dawgheads are a new and unique viewing experience. Both a sculpture and a painting, Artist Jennie Griffith has brought...more
Nicole Momaney thumbnail

Art Attack - Nicole Momaney

As many of us can attest, career paths are rarely straightforward anymore. But even for those who have come to expect twists and turns, the people, places, and...more
Jean Glaser thumbnail

Art Attack - Jean Glaser

If asked the connection between clay, pastries, and paint¬ing, one might be momentarily stumped, the most obvious of answers often evading us. To artist Jean...more
Wendy Meagher thumbnail

Art Attack - Wendy Meagher

Wendy Meagher’s hobby-turned-full time career is one made famous by the fabled, tiny men and women of the North Pole: she is a vintage-inspired toy maker...more


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