Montreal, QC


New York City, NY

Brunch in TriBeCa, frolick in Greenwich Village, shop for snacks in the Upper Westside, sleep in Union Square. Modern Dog finds all the best things for you and your pooch to do in the city that never sleeps. more

Chicago, IL


Dogs + Wine

Dogs and wine might be the perfect pairing. Just ask these vintners whose dog-inspired wineries have, quite literally, gone to the dogs. They’re drawing rave reviews, not only for their award-winning sippers and dogs-welcome wine tours, but for their charitable endeavours, as well—many are committed to not only the perfection of their craft but to giving back to dog-related organizations in a way that is making a real difference. We’ll drink to that. more

Have Dog, Will Travel - Quirky US Pit Stops

1. Dog Bark Park Inn, Boise, Idaho A three-story freestanding hotel room in the shape of a Beagle. Enough said. 2. Dog Mayor Sunol,...more

From California, With Love

The situation in California is desperate. By some estimates, hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs are euthanized weekly, many abandoned due to the effects of the economy there. Many dogs are healthy; some a bit worse for wear. Brenda Barnette, LA city shelter head, encourages volunteers to find ways to get the dogs from the shelters into homes.more

United States of Dog: From the Quirky to the Sublime, the Top 10 Dog Destinations in America

Our adventure began last spring when, having been a hardcore cat person my entire life, I suddenly found myself enchanted by every passing dog, from...more

“Ruffin’" It In Style

When contemplating the options for a dog-friendly vacation destination, one fundamental requirement immediately jumps to my mind—the beach, a kingdom in which...more

Vancouver, BC

Sniffed out: the city’s best ideas for a full day of doggie nirvana. Herewith, the top dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, shops, and outdoor spots in Vancouver—home of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. more

Washington, DC

Sniffed out: the city’s best ideas for a full day of doggie nirvana.
Herewith, Washington's top dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, shops, and outdoor spots. more


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