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Meet: Droopy

Lori Onderko
Johnstown, Pa.

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Droopy is a Wonderful Best Friend... The years we shared together were the happiest years of my Life! She showed me what True happiness was & showed me what True Love felt like! She left me too soon but she is Forever a part of me & is my True Heart Dog! She was all about having fun with her ball & enjoyed everyday! Her smile could melt your heart! I miss her deeply & Love her with all my Heart!
Da Droopster, Pumpkin, Scootercrunch
Her Ball, Snow, Jumbones, being with her mommie
Thunder storms, Rain, Baths
Favorite Foods: 
Jumbones, Roast & Potatoes, Spagetti, any treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing ball, going for walks, Playing in the snow, chilling on the porch

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