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German Shepherd
Hannah youngman

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Earl is five months old; he is kind of a miracle dog; when we first adopted him he was ate up with flees and we didn't think he would make it. He has certainly came a long way since then, he's my best friend; we walk everyday together and he is spoiled rotten! He's crazy, he is always getting himself into trouble, he loves excitement and mischief! He also does tricks; he will sit, give you his paw, fetch and lay down; he is a very intelligent pup who I know is going to grow into an amazing dog. He is defiantly a mummy's boy, when Im gone my mom says he just cries for me, and he follows me everywhere,when he grows up, he is going tone very protective! I love earl, I wouldn't trade him for the world, he is the best companion I could ever ask for!
Cujo, tazmanian devil, fatty, big feet
Chewing on anything, walking, playing with other puppies, cuddling, sleeping, watching tv, chillin under the coffee table
Cats, being locked up, being away from mommy
Favorite Foods: 
Kibbles and bits, ham, cracklins, bacon

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