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Meet: Baylen

German Shepherd
Jennifer LeDuke
New Orleans, LA

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Baylen is my daughter's 10 month old German Shepherd who was named after Drew Brees' son. He is a very sweet and playful baby. Baylen has to be involved in everything that goes on in our house. There is not one inch of our house that has not been inspected by his snout. He is already very protective of us, especially my daughter, Kylie. But when it comes to people in public, he just wants to say hi.
10 Months
frisbees, drinking water, playing in his pool, getting ice from the ice dispenser
trash bags
Favorite Foods: 
Whatever is in his sister's bowl (our Shih Tzu)
Favorite Pastimes: 
Following our every move and sticking his snout on everything we own

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