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Meet: Aidan Alexander

lab/mix (part angel)
Wendy Little
Olympia, WA

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DSCF1543 (2).jpg
Aidan with his favorite chew toy, a bamboo leaf pilfered fresh off the plant. This picture was taken 3.5 months ago, he is now about 40lbs heavier, still just as adorable.
6 months
Aiderall (when he doesn't pay attention)
the garden, strawberries, dog school, his big brother and his Mommy and Daddy
Aidan loves everything and everyone, He may be a little fearful of thunderstorms.
Favorite Foods: 
strawberries, blueberries, chamomille ice cubes, carrots, yam treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
"gardening" (uprooting "daddy's plants"), tug of war, digging holes, doggie school, walks, making friends with everybody

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