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Meet: Blackjack

Emily Grossheider
Santa Barbara, CA

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Blackjack here-I still don't understand why my mom thinks this photo is so "cute." It's just me relaxing like I love to do. Then again, mom thinks everything I do is "cute." She adopted me from the no-kill dog shelter-and thank goodness it's no kill because I would have been a goner otherwise! I am choosy with the people and dogs I love, but I've got it made here in Santa Barbara. I get to chase seagulls on the beach, go on hikes in the mountains, and I'm even kind enough to share my queen size bed with my mom.
BJ, Jack, Beej
Kongs, the beach, long walks on rainy days
loud neighbors, kennels!
Favorite Foods: 
Dental Chews. I know them by name.
Favorite Pastimes: 
beach, food, sleep, repeat.

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