Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Wave Rider Life Vest

Canada Pooch makes fantastically stylish and practical dogwear for any season and any type of weather! For summer, we love their Wave Rider Life Vest, a sunny yellow vest that will help your dog stay safe while he joins you for summer water sports! Designed with reflective piping for added visibility, the Wave Rider Life Vest is built with high-buoyancy foam to provide support for assisted swimming. With a super float chin panel that offers extra head support, the Wave Rider Life Vest also has a quick pick-up handle so that you can guide or pick up your dog if needed, as well as a size-adjustable Velcro closure and secure buckle straps so that the jacket will fit your pup nice and snugly. Let your pup play in oceans, lakes, and rivers with Canada Pooch's Wave Rider Life Vest! - ERM

Easy Pet Fence

Easy Pet Fence creates safe and reliable pet enclosures which allow for your dog to get his daily exercise to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. With the options of poly, steel hex, and welded wire, East Pet Fence provides fantastic DIY dog fence kits you can choose from depending on your dog's size, breed, and disposition -- poly works best for small dogs so that they cannot jump over fences, for instance, while welded wire is great for dogs that love to chew. Easy Pet Fence's DIY Dog Fence Kits are built to last many years, and are sure to keep your dog safe and healthy! - ERM

Iceland Pure Fish Oil Supplements

Iceland Pure's fish oil supplements will make your dog's coat gleam! With a choice of salmon, sardine-anchovy, and cod liver oil, these fish oil supplements are nutritious and delicious, not to mention full of Omega 3 fatty acids. We love how fish oil adds shine to our pups' luscious locks, and how it decreases inflammation, increases stamina, and improves the immune systems of our dogs! Iceland Pure's products are packaged in aluminum bottles coated with epoxy resin to preserve the quality of the oil, and on top of this, Iceland Pure even avoids giving your dogs' smelly breath! By using a special distilling process, Iceland Pure ensures that the health-enhancing components of the oil are not lost while also creating a scent-free product. With Iceland Pure, your dog can reap the benefits of fish oil without gaining fishy breath! - ERM


BarkBath by Bissell Business Ventures is a quick, convenient, and easy way to get your dog clean wherever you go! The BarkBath Portable Dog Bath is light and simple to transport, and is designed with a uniquely designed nozzles that can get beneath your dog's fur and down to his skin to remove all dirt. Built with a portable bath unit, innovative bath tool, microfiber mat, and no-rinse shampoo, BarkBath's technologically advanced system will leave your dog clean and with a smooth and conditioned coat, but will also make bathtime less of a chore for both you and your dog! - ERM


The adjustable BUSTER Gear reflective collar by KRUUSE will keep your pup safe at nighttime! Available in red, blue, and black colours, the BUSTER reflective collar is made from solid nylon with a soft foam filling. Most importantly, the BUSTER reflective collar is designed with reflective threads to ensure that your dog will be seen at nighttime, and will remain safe in all conditions. Make sure your baby is protected with this sweet collar! - ERM


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