Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Make sure that your dog is healthy and hydrated when you take him with you on your outdoor adventures!

On your many hikes and explorations, you can't control the heat, and can't control whether natural water sources will be available to make sure your dog gets a refreshing drink. For these situations, the PaxBowl is a perfect solution! The PaxBowl is a padded, portable waterproof bowl for dogs that easily wraps around your own water bottle, making it easy to carry with you and difficult to forget at home. Built with foam walls to insulate your own water bottle, and zippers to make the bowl wider for easy-drinking, the PaxBowl is fantastic for those who want to explore the outdoors with their dogs while also making sure their health needs are met! With the PaxBowl, your buddy will finally be able to rough the great outdoors in total hydration. - ERM

Dean's Flooring Stair Treads

One of the most common causes of injury in the home is when individuals slip and fall. This can be particularly dangerous on the stairs, where you've got a long way to fall! For fantastic stair treads that help both humans and their animal companions gain traction up and down staircases, Dean's Flooring offers a variety of styles and colours that will put your mind at ease. These beautiful, pet-friendly stair treads are easy to install and clean, and they protect expensive hardwood from wear and tear. They also reduce noise within your home and add character to your staircase! - ERM

Amber Crown Flea Collar

Who says you can't prevent fleas and be stylish at the same time? To repel bugs as trendily as possible, we recommend Amber Crown's all-natural flea and tick repellent collar, made from raw baltic amber. This handmade and gorgeous collar is completely safe for humans and animals, but works awesomely against the ticks and fleas that bug your furry pal! The natural unpolished amber of the collar releases a lovely pine scent and generates static electricity that will force bugs to chaneg course. This beautiful collar is also chemical-free, and comes in a variety of sizes to make sure it fits your four-legged friend. Available with either an adjustable chain or leather strap! - ERM

Earth Animal Salmon and Flax

Modern Dog's office dogs Duke, Callisto, Penny, and Esther all loved trying out Fisherman's Catch: delicious oven-baked dog treats created by Earth Animal! Samples were also taken home to Modern Dog home dogs Blue and Homer, who also gobbled these snacks up super quickly! It's no wonder that all of our doggy buddies loved these treats so much -- made with delicious ingredients including organic buckwheat flour, salmon, and organic sprouted pumpkin seeds, these biscuits are both tasty and super healthy! High in Omega 3 fatty acids and protein, Fisherman's Catch treats are also hypoallergenic, and offer great benefits for our furry friends' joint, skin, heart, and brain health. Grain-free and low calorie, these treats are also great for training. (PS, Earth Animal's baked treats also come in other scrumptious flavours such as Coconut & Peanut Butter, Tomato & Olive Oil, and Pumpkin and Chicken!)  - ERM


Above: Blue and Homer, eagerly awaiting some treats!

My Buddy's Balm

Just like their human buddies, dogs can sometimes suffer from unfortunate skin conditions. Luckily, a good skin care routine can work wonders! For pets with skin rashes, dermatitis, dry elbows, dry snouts, chafing, and irritation, we absolutely love My Buddy's Balm, an all-natural, coconut oil based balm for dogs. Independently created and produced by a professional nurse in New Orleans, My Buddy's Balm is sure to soothe any sore spots on your pet's irritable skin! - ERM


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