Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Growl Towel

Living on the West Coast we get a lot of rain. I love, love my super soft, 100% cotton Growl Towel for drying my pup after those rainy day beach walks.  And my home IS her home! Prices start at $60

Pure + Good

There's nothing quite like some high quality natural shampoo and conditioner to get your dog feeling clean and soapy, and Pure + Good provides that! Pure + Good's hypoallergenic formula is perfect for the dog with the delicate skin, and it's scent and oil free so you don't have to worry about overwhemling smells while you wash your dog! 

woodrow wear

With winter right around the corner, your dog's comfort becomes a contentious issue! Whether or not your thinking about within your house, with cold wooden floors, or the outside world, with salted sidewalks and icy streets, Woodrow Wear has socks for your dog. Their socks are perfect for inside, in houses with slippery floor or outside, protecting your dog's senstivie paws from the icy roads. The socks come in a vairiety of sizes, colours and designs, and prices start at $18.

kruuse, BUSTER, city jacket

There's nothing quite as wonderful as a small stylish jacket for your dog, especially when the jacket is this cute. The quilted fabric is warm, and the jacket fits Penny the Wirehaired Dachshund perfectly. The leather on the lapable really makes this fashionable yet functional jacket a real hit in the Vancouver autumn.

miniature australian shepherd

There's nothing quite like appearing at the dog park with the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster to the delight of dogs and children alike. When throwing the ball gets boring for children, the nerf dog tennis ball blaster brings a whole new level of excitement, and Rose the miniature Austrlian Shepherd just couldn't get enough of it!



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