Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Dog Print Bed

All dogs need a nice place to sleep, and this super cute dog print rectangle bed from Barking Bitches is perfect! Made from your choice of favourite fabrics, with a super cute dog print on it. Best part? They are made by senior citizens who are looking to supplement their income, so not only do you give your dog a fantastic bed, but you are putting some good out in the world. -TC

Tux Treat Toy

My puppy loves to chew everything so I'm always on the lookout for toys that can stand up to his tough little jaws. The Tux Treat Toy from West Paw Design is arguably their most durable toy. It can be stuffed full of treats to hold your dogs attention but even emptied it floats, bounces and can keep big and little teeth busy. -CB

Custom Collar

The search for the perfect collar is over! Pets by Laika let's me design and customize my pup's collar to my exact whims and specifications! I loved that they had some pre-designed templates to choose from, too, since I’m no artist, though you can go all-custom--right down to the pattern deign or using your own photos if you wish. And a custom collar starts at just $32!–KG

Knuckle Lights

I brought my puppy home a few months and since then night time trips outside have become part of the routine. Knuckle Lights make walking at night - and scrambling in the dark to pick my pup's business - a whole lot easier. As they're worn on the knuckles they are in the best position to illuminate your path and provide great control over where you light. -CB

Soggy Dog Towel

After a swim or a bath, it can be hard to get your pup dry, but the Soggy Dog Towel is designed to make this task easier. With pockets for your hands, you can easily rub down your wet dog and avoid that disaster of a soaking dog running through your home. -TC


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