Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Yoga Bowl

Got an older pet and worried about their eating posture? Ergonomic bowls like this Yoga Bowl from Pet Ego provide a more comfortable eating position for your dog so they don't put stress on their joints. Ideal for older or arthritic dogs, these vibrantly coloured bowls will keep you and your pup smiling! - RC

Dogs of Glamour

Travel with your dog in style with a Dogs of Glamour Satchel. Vegan leather with a faux fur lush lining for your dog, and newly available in this array of vibrant, eye-catching colours, these bags are sure to turn heads! - RC


There's nothing like all natural. Crumps Dog Treats never contain additives, fillers, or preservatives—just 100% natural, nutritious ingredients. Your dogs will be barking for more of these treats you can trust. - RC 


No one wants to see their pet hurt and bleeding. To get the healing process going faster try ClotIt. Easier than trying to apply a bandage to your furry friend, the powder uses all-natural minerals to speed up the body's own natural clotting process thereby getting your dog back to her usual self. - RC

Bobby Pug

The French really know how to pamper their pooches! That's why we're loving the Corbeille Futon bed from Bobby. The luxurious bed offers your dog the ultimate in style and comfort! - RC


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