Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Have you met Mirabelle? She's one special Boston Terrier, and star of her own series of children's books. Everyone who meets the real life Mirabelle falls in love, so her owners thought they'd share her with the world by creating a super soft and cuddly toy. The plush toy gives everyone a chance to cuddle with this cutie! 


When you bring home a new puppy there is a lot of consider: making sure your house is puppy friendly, finding the right food, house training, and making sure they feel safe and secure. To help with this last point is the Snuggle Puppy Starter Kit from Smart Pet Love. The kit includes a snuggle blanket (super soft!), a Pupcicle teething aid, and a plush dog toy that produces warmth and simulates a heartbeat to help calm your new pup! - RC

Dr Daltons

Here to help you with your dog training are Dr. Dalton's Premium Treats. Made in the USA with high-quality, low-fat meat, these single-ingredient treats are the perfect, healthy option for dog training with an irresistible taste that will have your dog jumping through hoops to get them! - RC 


This is the vacuum that dreams are made of: cordless, hassle free, detachable section for handheld use, and 40 minutes of battery life! It also comes with an extension hose for hard to reach places, and a mini soft brush for delicate surfaces (like your computer keyboard). The Dyson V8 Animal will keep any household spick and span, but for those of us lucky enough to have a pet in our lives, its HEPA filtration and extra suction power make cleaning up dog fur a breeze! - RC

ocu glo

Your dog's vision is important! So make sure their ocular health is up to snuff with Ocu-GLO Vision Supplement. Using lutein, grapeseed extract, and omega 3 fatty acids, Ocu-GLO works to support the nutritional needs of your dog's eyes. That means hours of staring deep into each other's eyes. - RC


Dog of the Week!

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