Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Defense Aerosols

Office dog Duke José the Boxer is the sweetest, most affectionate dog—but he is sometimes attacked by more aggressive dogs who judge him to be a threat! Thanks to Defense Aerosols, however, Duke's mom can keep herself and her pet safe. This effective and protective dog repellent spray is easy to use and light to carry, and its pepper-based formula will temporarily impair an angry or aggressive dog from attacking humans and their pets. This spray can be a lifesaver—plus it is non-toxic, non-lethal, and environmentally friendly. Remember—Defense Aerosols are to be used ONLY against aggressive or violent dogs. - ERM

Protein Dental Hard Chew

Made by a young chef and microbiologist in Germany, QChefs' Protein Dental Hard Chews are an all-natural dog chew which contain absolutely no additives or fillers! Fantastic for dogs that are strong chewers, these Protein Dental Hard Chews contain casein protein (from milk), which has an antibacterial effect that neutralizes 80% of caries bacteria and their acids. This means that these environmentally friendly chews are not only delicious for your pup, but they also reduce the formation of plaque on your dog's teeth, helping to avoid tartar and gingivitis! Your dog's dental hygiene will thank you. And an added bonus to these chews? Your pup's breath will get SO much better! - ERM


Modern Dog's office puppy Soha loves her BrilliantPad—and so does her owner, as these ingenious self-cleaning indoor dog potties are amazingly convenient! These absorbent pads with leak-free odour lining are built with a pad roll motor that automatically replaces soiled pads with fresh ones, sealing the used pads so that you no longer need to handle waste or soiled materials. A clean and easy method for waste disposal, BrilliantPad is earth-friendly and provides you with the freedom you need, so that you no longer need to worry about clearing away dog mess. Your hands will only touch clean surfaces for the whole process! Improve hygiene in your home and make waste-cleaning easy with the awesome BrilliantPad. - ERM

Wave Rider Life Vest

Canada Pooch makes fantastically stylish and practical dogwear for any season and any type of weather! For summer, we love their Wave Rider Life Vest, a sunny yellow vest that will help your dog stay safe while he joins you for summer water sports! Designed with reflective piping for added visibility, the Wave Rider Life Vest is built with high-buoyancy foam to provide support for assisted swimming. With a super float chin panel that offers extra head support, the Wave Rider Life Vest also has a quick pick-up handle so that you can guide or pick up your dog if needed, as well as a size-adjustable Velcro closure and secure buckle straps so that the jacket will fit your pup nice and snugly. Let your pup play in oceans, lakes, and rivers with Canada Pooch's Wave Rider Life Vest! - ERM

Easy Pet Fence

Easy Pet Fence creates safe and reliable pet enclosures which allow for your dog to get his daily exercise to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. With the options of poly, steel hex, and welded wire, East Pet Fence provides fantastic DIY dog fence kits you can choose from depending on your dog's size, breed, and disposition -- poly works best for small dogs so that they cannot jump over fences, for instance, while welded wire is great for dogs that love to chew. Easy Pet Fence's DIY Dog Fence Kits are built to last many years, and are sure to keep your dog safe and healthy! - ERM


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