Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Sweet Smelling Odor Neutralizer

My Basset Hound friend loves playing outside and getting fresh air. Unfortunately, he also likes stirring things up with the neighbourhood skunks. Thank goodness I discovered PowAir Odor Neutralizer, which helps eliminate the skunk odor rather than masking it. My favourite scent is the apple crumble. This is will be a must-have essential in my house.–KG

Puppy Pad Depot

One size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to puppy training pads, and Puppy Pad Depot is a great place to get exactly the size and type of pad that will work best for your breed. With 6 different absorbencies to choose from, Puppy Pad Depot definitely has you (and your buddy) covered. ~ LC

Sausage Toy from Skookum Dog

Couldn't pass on this awesome faux sausage toy from Skookum Dog! It's long and floppy, with one squeaker inside - your dog will love shaking it around and being silly. Just make sure your furry buddy doesn't eat it, it looks quite realistic. :) ~JK

Scaredy Cut

Scaredy Cut is the simple, silent solution, which made grooming dogs at home as easy as 1-2-3! Brush your pet, cut the fur, even out. Voilà! Your pup looks chic again and you just saved a trip to a pretty expensive groomer. How cool is that?! ~JK

Yummy Yaff Bar

My pooch and I are always on the go together. Then I discovered these amazing all-natural energy bars by Mudd+Wyeth that me and my pup can both enjoy. These bars are the first “people food” that can be shared with your dog, and taste great! We both can’t get enough of them! –KG


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