Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Oven Baked Tradition

Every dog is different and deserves a dog food that suits her specific needs. Oven-Baked Tradition dog foods come in a variety of formulas, for dogs trying to lose weight, older dogs, puppies, even dogs who are intolerant to chicken can find something they love (like lamb and rice—yum!) Proudly made in Canada with fresh meat as the first ingredient followed by an array of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, this dog food will have both you and your pooch smiling! - RC

Kruuse Coat

With its faux fur collar and stylish design, the Buster Active Dog Coat says, “look at me” without sacrificing your dog's wellbeing. Its durable outer layer protects against water and wind and the insulated inner layer provides the warmth needed for winter walks. Designed with your dog's comfort in mind, this adjustable coat is the perfect combination of utility and style! - RC




Your dog is guaranteed to turn heads in an Equafleece Jumper. These cozy and comfortable sweaters keep your pup warm in a maneuverable fabric that offers them freedom of movement with absolutely no compromising on style! - RC

Pug Oven Mitts

Fenella Smith charms us yet again with her distinctive dog caricatures—this time with Pugs! The collection of quizical pugs adorning these oven mitts will have you smiling everytime you use them, and they'll look equally as charming when hanging from your baking rack. - RC


Just how cozy are these West Paw Bumper beds? So comfy you'll be hard-pressed to get your dog out of them! Made with recycled materials, these eco-friendly beds are made in the USA and available in an array of totally lush colours. - RC


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