Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Pepper & Tanky

We all like the snuggle up with our dogs but not when they're stinky from playing outside! Pepper & Tanky is perfect for that dog that likes to go out in the rain and roll around in the yard! Each Eau du Parfum is custom blended in France using only the finest natural oils so you know that with a quick spray of Pepper & Tanky your dog will smell fresh and clean! - NN

Living with Pugs

Here at Modern Dog, we love Pugs! That's why Living with Pugs is a definite favorite! It's page after page of absolutely adorable pictures of pugs and the perfect addition to any dog-loving libarary! - NN


No one can stay mad at a cute face for very long and that's why we love APUGLOGIES. This adorable book is page after page of apologetic pugs who know they've done wrong but know that you love them anyway. Even cuter, these apuglogies can be given out as cards for those times when you might be feeling a bit pugish! - NN


GoDogGo the Remote Fetch Machine is a great addition to playtime! Safe and fun, this machine allows dogs to play fetch even if you don't have time! Designed to fit multiple ball sizes, GoDogGo will provide optimum exercise for even the most active of dogs! - NN

Badazz Boxers

Know a proud Boxer parent and still don't know what to get them for Christmas? Well look no further! Dakota Dog Company's Badazz Boxer line is perfect for that Boxer Mom or Dad who loves to show off their Boxer pride! Stylish and comfy, these shirts are the perfect gift for the Boxer fan on your list! Even more awesome, a portion of every purchase will be donated to Boxer rescue in the United States! - NN


Dog of the Week!

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