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We know how devastating it is to lose a cherished canine friend so we created this space for posting memorial tributes to dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Click here to post a tribute or click here to find resources to help you cope with your loss. And remember that life is a circle and true love forever.

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.—Helen Keller

There is no death. Only a change of worlds.—Chief Seattle

Memorial Tributes

(September 5, 2002 - November 14, 2016)
By Bill and Janie Anne Armstrong in Littleton, CO
We lost Siobhan to bone cancer, she was a wonderful friend to me and a wonderful sitter to Janie Anne. Rest in Peace my Little Girl, till we meet again.
(January 23, 2012 - March 7, 2015)
By LaShanda Bridgett in Macon Ga
(January 10, 2006 - October 21, 2016)
By Susan Berg in Pittsburg, Ca
I love you Tinks! Play and run at the bridge and find Spencers and ru and have uncle el give u treats. Wait for me there, I'll be there someday. Mommy is totally lost without you. I love you... Read More
(April 8, 1997 - July 20, 2013)
(September 20, 1989 - August 6, 2012)


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