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Here’s Why You Should Give Your Dog Kelp

This marine-derived superfood has tons of canine health benefits! more

Say Goodbye to That Slimy Layer in Your Dog’s Water Bowl!

We’ve found the solution more

We Found The Perfect, Guilt-free Training Reward!

Reward your dog anytime with these delicious bites more

New Treatment For Canine Arthritis

Does your dog have early onset osteoarthritis? Or tissue-related injuries like corneal ulcers, tendon and ligament injuries, joint issues, or superficial...more

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Make the most of the season with this must-have winter gear for the great outdoors! more

DIY Craft: 5-Minute Project-Make Your Dog An Adorable Fleece Scarf

Is there much cuter than a dog in a scarf? This super-easy craft is quick and simple, yielding stylish results that far outstrip the effort involved. Your dog...more

Why Puppies and Dog Parks Don’t Mix

You have a new puppy—congratulations! There are so many things you need to do. You need to feed him healthy meals and treats. You need to get him proper...more

Flower Power

Here at Modern Dog, we’re BIG fans of the bully breeds. Unfortunately, these dogs still suffer a major public image problem, the sad result being they are the...more

A True Hero

Hooch has all the markers of a true hero more

Stars Turn Out to Support Animal Causes

The donations going to community and nationwide programs to help countless pets find their forever homes more


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