Artist Matt Rinard

If you ever  call artist Matt Rinard at his home in New Orleans, be
prepared for occasional interruptions from the Antichrist. "That's my
Miniature Schnauzer, Lucy," Rinard explains, when an impossibly high,
growling squeal breaks out in the background. "She's possessed by the
Devil." more

Actress Pamela Anderson as Activist

Ever since she catapulted to international stardom via Baywatch, Pamela
Anderson has been one of the world's most watched and talked-about
people. Plug her name into an internet search engine and you will come
up with over two million sites discussing every available detail of
Pam's life-and there have been plenty of details available. We've all
heard the stories about her romantic entanglements, her plastic
surgeries, and of course, those infamous home videos. more

Brit Photographer John Drysdale and His Canine Subjects

Of the many gifts dogs bestow upon mankind, their ability to put smiles
on our faces, even in the most difficult of times, is surely one of the
greatest. Our dogs captivate and delight us with their quirks, their
antics and their seemingly limitless capacity for joy. But as any dog
owner knows, photographing those wonderful qualities and unique moments
that make our canine companions so special is most often impossible. By
the time we get the camera out, the moment is gone-and despite our best
efforts to position, bribe and cajole, we are unable to recreate that
spontaneous magic. more

We'll Always Have Paris

Paris Hilton has undeniable star power, the paparazzi hound her every step, feeding the public's apparently insatiable appetite for even the smallest scrap of news or gossip about the leggy blonde heiress to the Hilton fortune. The Fox television network capitalized brilliantly on Paris's privileged socialite status in the reality show The Simple Life, which followed Paris and her best friend, Nicole Ritchie, as they temporarily exited their rarefied sphere of wealth to experience life with an ordinary farming family in small-town Arkansas. more

Broadway Star Ashley Brown

Imagine landing your dream job right after graduating from university;
then imagine being launched into Broadway stardom just two years after
that. Sound surreal, amazing…maybe supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
Not if you’re Ashley Brown, who stepped off the campus of the
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music straight into a
touring production of On the Record and from there into the starring
role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Currently, she is headlining
Disney’s hit revival of Mary Poppins. more

Meet Actress Virginia Madsen's Pack

Actress Virginia Madsen has spent most of her career playing
girlfriends, femmes fatales and sexy blondes, but her recent role as a
wine-savvy waitress in the low-budget film Sideways
has boosted her career into high gear. With the role earning her a Best
Supporting Actress award from the National Society of Film Critics, a
nomination for a Screen Actors Guild award, and plenty of Oscar buzz, Sideways has turned Virginia’s world upside-down. more

Pamela Anderson: Actress, Activist, Animal Lover

You could forgive a person for assuming that Pamela Anderson is in fact the
camp Hollywood dramatic figure she has perfected—a buxom blonde
known for her sizeable assets (her new FOX TV series is called Stacked)
and tumultuous relationships. Considered by many a modern-day Marilyn
Monroe, she has made a career out of playing the self-deprecating
blonde bombshell. more

Elizabeth Taylor: Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend

We know all about the tempestuous romances and ill-fated marriages, her
violet eyes, larger-than-life beauty and enormous diamonds-but who'd ‘a
thunk that doggies were this girl's best friend? more

Ellen DeGeneres On Life & Dogs

THROUGH MUCH OF THE MID to late nineties, my friends knew not to call me on Wednesday evenings during a particular half hour. For 30 minutes, I had a date with Ellen Morgan, the fictional funny lady brought to life in comedian Ellen DeGeneres' series Ellen. But my sacred Wednesdays were about more than just channel surfing for a laugh. Wednesdays with Ellen, for me, became something of a young writer's church. I was learning my first invaluable professional lessons: Comedy can equal kindness. Hollywood can equal humanity. more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kiki Mia