Service Dogs With A Passion For Children

Service Dogs With A Passion For Children
September 15, 2013 by Sandy Robins

I love service dogs who devote their time working for children's causes.

The first time I met Surf Dog Ricochet was on the red carpet at the American Humane Society's Hero Dog Awards a couple of years ago. She was wearing an evening gown with a long string of pearls ( see photograph below).This stylish gown was a far cry from her usual outfit, namely a pink life jacket and her favorite accessory, her surf board. 

This super dog surfs with special needs children, giving them the confidence to try the sport and succeed. In the process she has raised thousands of dollars for various causes and continues to do

In the past week another super hero dog has been in the headlines too, a Great Dane named Bentley. Bentley's favorite charity is CureSearch for Children's Cancer. He holds two world records for having the longest tail and for being the world's largest service dog.

This super dog teamed up with PetSmart and food brand Castor and Pollux to donate the proceeds of special bags of food that sported his famous doggie face to his favorite cause Curesearch for Children's Cancer. Last week, he presented  a check for a whopping  $25 000 to the orgnisation at the CureSearch for Children's Cancer 2013 Walk in Chicago.

Dogs like Ricochet and Bentley and others like them are great ambassadors for their breeds and dogdom in general. What they do really does make a difference.

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