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CLARK, a Mini Goldendoodle Our first dog of the day, Clark, an adorable and undeniably super-fluffy Mini Goldendoodle (a Golden Retriever/Poodle cross), charmed us with his sunny disposition and serious modeling skills. Encouraged by his guardian, Paul McMillan, Clark was all smiles and inquisitively tipped head. It was tough to decide just which of Clark’s funny and very cute shots should make it into the magazine. We swear this dog poses.   more

The Underdog Club

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The Underdog Club recently came to our attention and we quite simply fell in love with this band of creative individuals and their mandate of marketing the “ugly, old, and unpopular” dogs out there in need of homes. more

10 Ways To Make Your Dog Smile

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Sailing Your Salty Dog

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If you’re blessed with dual passions for both boating and dogs, you won’t want to leave Digger behind while you’re out enjoying sunsets on the water. But no matter where you choose to cruise, careful planning is essential if you intend to take your furry mate along. The seasoned salty dog will find it routine, but for those new to boating, here is a simple set of guidelines I call SCRUB. more

The Dog House Frank Lloyd Wright Built

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Dog of the Week!

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