Common Canine Skin Conditions

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Familiarizing yourself with common canine skin irritations and diseases is important to your pet’s health. Certain skin problems could be sign of a more serious underlying issue, such as physical pain, discomfort, or infection. more

Petmate Acquires Precision Pet Products

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South Korea To Regulate Pet Ownership In Order To Reduce Abuse And Neglect

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South Korea aims to regulate the increasingly common ownership of pets in a bid to promote an unsupervised sector that the government sees as economic growth opportunity, and to crack down on animal abuse and neglect. Measures announced on Thursday will enable South Koreans to legally operate services for pets such as animal cafes, hotels and funeral parlors, while imposing stiffer punishment on breeders found using unsanitary or inhumane methods. more
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Everything To Get You And Your Dog Ready For Fun In The Summer Sun

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You See A Dog Left Alone In a Car on a Hot Summer Day—What Do You Do?

What To Do When You See A Dog Left Alone In a Car on a Hot Summer Day

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Q: “Come summer, I dread seeing a dog left alone in a car while the owner goes off to shop—or, worse, hearing a story on the news about a dog dying of the heat inside a locked car at the mall. What should I do if I see a dog, currently in no distress, but left in a car on a hot day? Maybe the owner will be right back, but then again, maybe not. Do I wait and see? If so, how long do I wait? Or do I immediately call the authorities? And which authority would I call?”  more


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