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This Isn't Your Average Dog Walk

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Beagle Freedom Project Challenges Scientists to Pioneer Animal Testing Replacements

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Following Yale’s Dr. Michael Bracken’s findings that 87.5 percent of funding is wasted annually in biomedical research, Beagle Freedom Project released its request for proposals to scientists and teams to submit grant applications for projects providing innovative solutions for animal testing replacements. Application deadline is Oct. 1, 2016. more
Jules the dog at the vet, photo by keatssycamore via Flickr

Spaying and Neutering Pets

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Spaying and neutering pets is a big decision for pet owners. Although the idea of a pet having surgery can be scary, spaying and neutering is a common practice performed by veterinarians that can be beneficial to both you and your pet. In fact, the decision to spay or neuter your pet may be the best decision for your pet’s overall health. more

Hiddleston and Gorgeous Dogs Star in Gucci's Latest Ads

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From heartbreak to custom tailored Gucci suits—looks like Tom Hiddleston is handling his break up from Taylor Swift rather well. Joining the ranks of Vanessa Redgrave and Jared Leto as the latest face of Gucci, Hiddleston dons an array of classic styles. Shot in the Beverly Hills home of late design legend Tony Duquette, Hiddleston struts his stuff alongside three perfectly-coiffed Afghan Hounds. Where fashion, celebrity, and gorgeous dogs meet, you can be sure to find us!    more
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New Initiative Will Demonstrate How To Keep 32 Million Pounds of Dog Waste Out of Landfill Per Year

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