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Gassy Pets?

Category: Health
While the occasional release of gas from a pet can be funny or even cute, excessive tooting may present more of a problem than just being unpleasant to be around—releasing too much stinky gas could be a sign of a health problem. Certain diseases, such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and inflammatory bowel disease, can cause excessive gas in pets. Because the amount of gas that a dog or cat produces can be quite variable, consult your veterinarian if you notice an increase in the frequency or any signs that your pet may be bloated and uncomfortable. more
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Into the Wild

Category: Dog Life
Dogs know where it's at. Whenever you grab a leash, they get so excited! Sometimes we wonder why -- it is just a walk, after all. But dogs love the outdoors, and love to smell the balmy summer air mingled with scents of pine trees, sun-baked sidewalks, and salt-kissed breezes! Take a note from your dog's book and get back to nature this summer, whether it be towards water, mountains, or woods! more

Woofstock Returns for the 14th Year!

Category: NewsBite
Woofstock, North America’s Largest Festival for Dogs, Presented by PetSmart returns for the 14th year, Saturday May 27th from 10 am – 6 pm and Sunday May 28th from 10 am – 5 pm at Woodbine Park, Toronto. It’s a one stop doggie shopping extravaganza, with all things canine! Over 150 different canine specific exhibitors, Free Surfing for Dogs, Free Unlimited Lure Course runs (x2 courses), Fashion Shows, Best Costume Contest and the Crowning of Mr. & Ms. Canine Canada Pageant! more

15 German Shepherds (and German Shepherd Mixes!) That’ll Get You Through the Day

Category: Dog Life
German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes: loyal, rugged, handsome, and strong. Fantastic working dogs for police, GS dogs are also awesome for search and rescue and as assistants to those with special needs. On top of this -- GSDs are adorable! We hope these photos from our Photocontest brighten your day! For more about GSDs, check out their breed profile.   1) Mia more

Katy Perry's Micro Teacup Poodle—Nugget—Stars in First National Ad Campaign

Category: NewsBite
Nugget Perry, Katy Perry’s jet-setting micro teacup poodle, is starring in her first national advertising campaign! more


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