5 Ways to Make it Up to Your Home-Alone Dog

5 Ways to Make it Up to Your Home-Alone Dog

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You work, so you need to leave your dog home alone all day. When you come home, between the chores, paying the bills, and family, you still have a ton of things to do. Sometimes it can feel like poor Fido comes last. Here are five fun ways to make it up to your dog.   1. Did someone say car ride? more

Ayurveda for Dogs

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Ayurveda, for the unfamiliar, is an ancient system of holistic medicine. It has roots in the Indian subcontinent going back as far as 6000 BC and is based on the theory that health is defined as a balance between three fundamental mind-body types, or doshas. The three doshas—Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth)—govern all functions of the mind, body, and spirit. more

DIY Craft: Gift Tags

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Elevate your present wrapping with these super-cute gift tags available in a whole ton of breed silhouettes! Half the fun of presents is the anticipation that beautiful presentation creates. Make the gifts you give extra special this year with these cute tags! What you need: • a printer • 8.5" x 11" sheets of white paper or sticky label sheet • Scissors • Hole punch more

Read Cathy Mayride's Heartfelt Goodbye To Her Beloved Dog

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Some months ago, I wrote a story for Modern Dog about my little dog, her early days, and her transition to old age. She survived illnesses and bounced back many times, amazing and mystifying me, and dazzling her little world with her resolve to stick around. She was entering her 18th year on Earth and people found it extraordinary that this old girl was still here, in spite of a few “touch and go” situations.  But she endured, and every day when the sun rose, she did too. more


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