How To Make Your Dog Laugh (really)

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Do Dogs Smile? more
D.I.Y. Craft: Make Your Dog a Scarf!

D.I.Y. Craft: Make Your Dog a Scarf!

Category: Dog Life
Materials Visit your local yarn store and find a bulky weight (weight category 5) yarn that catches your eye. For a warmer cowl, choose a yarn with a high wool content. Also have in mind how long you’d like your cowl to be and how many times you’ll want to wrap it around yours or your dog’s neck. You’ll need:  more

Look What We Found!

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Keep your dog’s long ears out of his food with a Buster IncrediBowl ($15)! This innovatively designed food dish has a narrower opening that allows your dog’s snout to enter, but keeps his ears comfortably out of the bowl. The genius result? A tidier dinnertime and a dog that doesn't smell like his dinner! more
Littermate Syndrome

Littermate Syndrome

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An older gentleman attended one of my group classes with his two Siberian huskies. The nine-year-old siblings were smart and attentive, but whenever I walked the female a mere five feet away to work on leash skills, the male would panic. He’d cry, shriek, and try frantically to follow. The two had been together all of their lives and had never been separated, even temporarily. As you might imagine, this had caused problems in a variety of situations. more

Read Cathy Mayride's Heartfelt Goodbye To Her Beloved Dog

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Some months ago, I wrote a story for Modern Dog about my little dog, her early days, and her transition to old age. She survived illnesses and bounced back many times, amazing and mystifying me, and dazzling her little world with her resolve to stick around. She was entering her 18th year on Earth and people found it extraordinary that this old girl was still here, in spite of a few “touch and go” situations.  But she endured, and every day when the sun rose, she did too. more


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