Conjunctivitis And Your Pets

Category: Health
Everyone knows the annoying feeling of having something in your eye. This irritating feeling can be caused by a common eye problem known as conjunctivitis—which is sometimes referred to as “pink eye.” Pet owners should be aware that conjunctivitis is also common among cats and dogs and there are simple ways to identify this condition so appropriate treatment can be obtained. more

7 Ways To Transform Your Relationship With your Dog

Category: Dog Training
Several years ago, I began studying how to help ease the anxiety I saw in so many dogs, even those trained using positive methods. These studies, along with my work as the Executive Director of Canine Assistants, a non-profit organization which trains and provides service dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs, led me to an unexpected and in some ways unwanted epiphany. To be honest, my life would have been far simpler without it. It necessitated a change in approach that flew in the face of many of dog training’s most sacred methods. more

How I Met My Dog

Category: Dog Life
I rescued Ella from a family friend who found her dropped off on a highway with two other Aussies. She had a bullet in her back and was pregnant. (Unfortunately, one puppy was blocking the rest and none survived.) Having the privilege to love Ella has given me a new outlook and passion for life. Her bright blue eyes never fail to put a smile on people's faces and she never ceases to amaze me with her unfailing obedience and drive to please me. What an honor it is to be yours, Ella!—Alee Pasqualotto more

Have You Tried This Natural Way Of Addressing Separation Anxiety?

Category: Health
Many of us have heard of the benefits of hemp-derived CBD products for pain management, but may be surprised to learn that they’re also helpful in addressing behavioural problems, such as separation anxiety. Read on to find out how CBDs could help your anxious dog! Does your dog have separation anxiety, appear stressed, or exhibit problematic hyperactivity? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help? A hemp-based CBD product may be the remedy you’re looking for! Dr. Robert Silver, a licensed and nationally renowned holistic veterinarian explains why: more

How To Know When A Gastric Upset Warrants A Trip To The Vet

Category: Dog Life
My dog Kaya had an uncanny knack for getting into stuff she shouldn’t, scarfing down totally gross things before I could stop her. Miraculously, she barely had a sick day in her life—flatulence, yes, a room-clearing result of her gastric indiscretion, but her actual tummy upsets were few and far between. more


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