The 14 Largest Dog Breeds

The 14 Largest Dog Breeds
The 14 Largest Dog Breeds
Is bigger better? Where dogs are concerned, for some people the answer is a resounding yes. Get to know the 14 largest dog breeds, their AKC-mandated personality traits, and their average weight!


Tibetan Mastiff

Mellow and calm around the house; devoted to family, reserved and territorial with strangers.

Average weight: 100-170 lbs.


Neapolitan Mastiff

Watchful and dignified. Sweet, steady, and loyal with loved ones, Neapolitan Mastiffs are calm but wary with strangers.

Average weight: 110-150 lbs. Read more here.


Cane Corso

Smart, trainable, and noble of bearing, the assertive and confident cane Corso is a peerless protector.

Average weight: 90-120 lbs.


The Bullmastiff

Brave, affectionate, and loyal, the Bullmastiff will always have your back.

Average weight: 100-130 lbs.


Great Dane

Friendly and patient, Great Danes are laid-back and dependable.

Average weight: 100-190 lbs. Read more here.



Courageous and dignified, Mastiffs are good-natured and docile.

Average weight: 150-200 lbs. Read more here.


Dogue de Bordeaux

Loyal, affectionate, and protective, courageous but not aggressive.

Average weight: 100-150 lbs.



Bright, patient, loving, and family-oriented.

Average weight: 100-170 lbs. Read more here.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Good-natured and calm.

Average weight: 70-115 lbs. Read more here.



Sweet, patient, and devoted, Newfies are famously good companions.

Average weight: 100-150 lbs.


Great Pyrenees

Calm, patient, smart; strong-willed yet affectionate.

Average weight: 85-160 lbs.


Black Russian Terrier

Smart, confident, courageous; protective of loved ones, aloof with strangers.

Average weight: 80-145 lbs.


Irish Wolfhound

Calm, dignified, kindly; courageous but not aggressive.

Average weight: 105-180 lbs.


Scottish Deerhound

Dignified, gentle, polite; quietly intelligent and perceptive.

Average weight: 75-110 lbs. Read more here.

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